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Lubuskie (Lebus / Lubusz) is a province (voivodeship) in western Poland. Its two major cities are Gorzow and Zielona Gora. As a region it is mainly flat, with numerous lakes and extensive woodlands. Lubuskie has the province of Western Pomerania to the north, Greater Poland to the east, Lower Silesia to the south, and the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony to the west.

Prior to 1945, most of what is now Lubuskie was part of Germany but following the redrawing of Poland's borders after the war the region was transferred to Poland. The population which had not fled west of the Oder or been killed was rapidly expelled, and replaced by Poles who had been relocated themselves from areas of what had been former eastern Poland.

Lubuskie is within an hour's drive of Berlin, the capital of Germany, and equally accessible from the major Polish cities of Poznan (to the east) and Szczecin (to the north).

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